Taking out a loan can be quite tricky. That’s why at mortgage architects nationwide, we’ll guide you through the key stages from start to finish…


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We’ll set up a meeting

• We will collect all the information we need from you. Discuss your needs and current financial situation and help identify your short term and future goals


• Once the plan has been developed we will present it to you and go through the available loans options.
• We’ll make sure you are comfortable and understand the loan recommendations.
• A lending product is chosen.
• Negotiations happen between our Mortgage Brokers and the lenders.

Time to apply

• We’ll collect your information to help us prepare your loan application.
• The loan application will be submitted.
• The lender will organise a credit check and property valuation.
• We will stay in touch with the lender and keep you informed along the way.

Full Approval

• Once the loan is approved, the lender will issue the loan documents for you to sign.

Signing the loan contract

• We will organise a time to meet to help you with the signing of the loan documents and ensure they are complete.
• We’ll return the signed loan documents to the lender.


• Once the lender has certified that all your documents are in order, settlement can be organised.
• If you are buying a property, your conveyancer will organise the settlement directly with the lender, according to the settlement date on the contract of sale.
• If you are refinancing you’re your existing home loan, the lenders will liase directly to exchange the documents.




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